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Primary Care Doctors

        Buena Park Medical Group offers five Primary Care Doctors to choose from when it comes to your health care needs. Scheduling is as simple as calling 714-994-5290 and setting up your appointment. Same day appointment is often available with one of our doctors for your urgent care needs such as minor traumas and accidents. We have convenient evening hours  Monday through Thursday and we have Saturday office hours as well. Our doctors and staff are multicultural so we speak many languages besides English and including Korean, Spanish, Tagalog and Vietnamese. As Primary Care Physicians, we can take care of patients ranging from a few weeks old to over 100 years old. Our doctors combined have over 50 years of clinical experience. We're experts in treating high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, arthritis and preventive care. Our  focus is to assist our patients in feeling better from whatever ailment that affects them, diagnosing a medical condition that they may have,  finding the correct treatment for their illness and help patients make good choices when it comes to their health.